‘Aina Hou 2022

Project Details: A creative project surrounded by education and action, based on Aloha ‘Aina, Sustainability, Culture, Art, Community and Fashion. ‘Aina Hou in collaboration with local designer, PoMahina Designs, will bring together Native Hawaiian designers in the community & interested participants to create an exciting fashion piece reminding us of the values of ‘Aina Hou. The final pieces will be showcased at the Royal Hawaiian in October.

Dates: August – October 2022


Title of Design

List of Materials Used
“Oops” materials given by the participating Native Hawaiian designers, other fabric to match, heat and bond, hand sewing, fishing line, staples, hemp rope, lauhala, ribbon, grommets, and safety pins.

List of Techniques Used
Hand sew-ing, stapling, and pinning.


Title of Design
Mauka to Makai

List of Materials Used
All three “oops materials”, old produce bags, raffia, old plastic water bottle, pipe cleaners,
copper wire, popsicle sticks, and hot glue.

List of Techniques Used
Hot gluing, weaving/braiding, tying knots, and corset/shoelace tying.


Title of Design

List of Materials Used
Fabric from PōMahina, Kūlua, and Wehi’s Boutique. The shirt is a women’s muscle tank
from Uniqlo.

List of Techniques Used
Hand sewing and fabric glue for the hems.

*Design modeled by Drae


Title of Design
Paepae – Just as Hawaiians support other Hawaiians. Every piece of clothing supports
one another and without one piece, it wouldn’t be possible to make because each piece
has a job.

List of Materials Used
Fabric from all three designers, pins, iron, and needle and thread.

List of Techniques Used
Ironing, pinning, and hand sewing

A big MAHALO to our judges, donors, local businesses, and attendees who supported this event!

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