Hale Pa’akai, metaphorically, is the house that secures the research, documentaries, curriculum development inclusive of interviews, mo’olelo, sacred sites, maps, etc. – to ensure continuity, preservation, and protection.

About Hale Pa’akai

Traditionally, pa’akai or Hawaiian sea salt, was used to preserve, to provide cleansing, to purify, to enhance flavor and to protect, among many other uses.

The Hale Pa’akai was where the kupuna would store their salt to keep dry and a place to preserve the meat for it to last through the seasons; meat such as i’a and even other mea’ai that would feed the village.

Projects in Hale Pa’akai

Kahu Aloha

Travel research and documentary for the protection of natural resources, culture, language of Hawai’i through indigenous Hawaiian views
Raising awareness of the next generation of kahu aloha.
Documentary of travel through the eye of kanaka maoli (internationally)

Pono’i (Indigenous Identity Development)

  • Focus on hanau ma ka lolo, hanau ma ke lima through the essence of Haumea – Documentary
  • Following two wahine ‘opio in finding who they are and how they learn, in a single-mother household. A mother who incorporates native Hawaiian traditions and practices while making it practical. They will follow her on a journey beyond the shores of Moloka’i, internationally to the united kingdom.

Kukulu ‘Ike

  • Cultural readiness & Integrated Cultural Curriculum for Peer Support Groups on Substance Use prevention & Intervention statewide.


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