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Preparing For Your Abundance

Topic: Creating multiple streams of revenue in your field with Coreen Williams

February 1, 2023; Wednesday
Kuha’o Business Center
5:00pm – 6:30pm

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Ke Kuhi Hopena – Our Vision

Mālama kekahi i kekahi me ka hō’ā mālama. Strengthening indigenous identity as a community to thrive in adversities sustainably through skill-sets, self-sovereignty and healing.

Ka Huaka’i – Our Mission

To inspire healthier families by connecting ‘ohana to Native Hawaiian practices focusing on emotional & mental well-being by establishing indigenous identity foundations through experience and education.

Our Projects

Hale Pa’akai

Our focus is preservation of natural resources ranging from the sustainability of the land to the voices of indigenous peoples of Hawaii and beyond. This “hale” encompasses research, documentaries, mo’olelo, curriculum, practices and sacred sites.

Ho’ala Na Kanaka

Focuses on cultural workshops, skill-set building, mālama kupuna, mālama ‘ike, connection to state & county resources.

Pili Aloha

‘Ohana foundations for single-parent homes can be difficult. Pili Aloha focuses on the well-being and connections of parents and their keiki to share in secure and safe places while meeting those in similar situations.

Makana – Donate

Ho’aka Mana is a proud non-profit organization with the mission to inspire happier and healthier families through experiences and education based on Native Hawaiian practices.

PO Box 482278 | Kaunakakai, Hawaiʻi 96748 | (808) 673-5754 | kulani@hoakamana.org